Our workshop is located in the Fiskars ironworks village in an old plough shop. Our mission is to design and manufacture aesthetically viable and ecologically sustainable solid-wood furniture. In addition to our own collection, we offer custom-made home furniture, solid-wood kitchens, built-in furniture, conference and entertainment-space furnishings, as well as furnishings for demanding projects.

We have special expertise in producing prototypes and implementing demanding projects in collaboration with designers and architects. The process involves the designer outlining the space, colours, light and visual whole. The cabinetmaker then offers a structural solution according to the given material, honouring the designer’s vision. For optimal results, the collaboration should start at the outlining stage. When a project requires more resources and different types of expertise, we have at our disposal a network of internationally recognised professionals: the Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars.