Petri Koivusipilä

Cabinetmaker, Bachelor of Culture and Arts

I began my artisan studies at the Oulu institute of arts and crafts in 1994.
I graduated as a cabinetmaker from Heinola Institute in 1999, and came to work for Nikari in Fiskars. My six years apprenticed to Kari Virtanen and Rudi Merz was a true master class in cabinetmaking. A craftsman's expertise involves tacit knowledge, which is transferred further with professionals working together. It is competence capital that the craftsman carries with him. Our workshop also saw international talent in the form of wandering european journeymen and Japanese cabinetmakers. Some stopped for a week, while some stayed on for many years. These encounters have had a major influence on the development of my professional identity.

040 5587 957     petri (at)     Peltorivi 9 F, 10470 FISKARS